Court injunction targets Mayweather vs. McGregor piracy

Court injunction targets Mayweather vs. McGregor piracy Preemptive action from a U.S. court aims to stifle illegal unauthorized streams of the hotly-anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather Jnr and Conor McGregor this weekend.
The upcoming bout between the undefeated Mayweather, and UFC star Conor McGregor, has generated phenomenal interest. As such, Showtime is concerned about a loss in revenue from pay-per-view receipts due to the availability of unauthorized streams on the web.

The premium cable and satellite network went to court seeking an injunction against several websites that are advertising the bout ahead of the weekend. United States District Judge André Birotte Jr. approved a preliminary injunction forbidding the site's operators from providing illegal streams. The injunction is valid until August 28.

All of the domains affected appear to be associated with LiveStreamHDQ, according to TorrentFreak. Showtime has clashed with LiveStreamHDQ's operator, Kopa Mayweather, in the past.

Given the high profile nature of the fight, it is likely that a very wide range of sites will offer illegal streams through browsers, while others will be available through P2P streaming (Acestream etc.) and by other means. The unauthorized streaming of sports events has come to the forefront in recent months around the world. In the UK, efforts are underway to block illegal streams of Premier League football matches during the games, for example.

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125.8.2017 14:52

What a joke. No not the piracy ! the match.Pity the restriction of not to use mma. It would put mayweather in his place,a good kick to the face i'd pay to see that.Pretty much every other fighter he's fought came out of miss the old days of boxing of Ali's era

227.8.2017 12:30

And I watched it live on facebook. Someone was streaming it live. lol

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